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Updated: Jun 21, 2018

Crystals are “so totally fetch” these days! Not sure if there was a wave of enlightenment across the lands that caused the growing popularity, or like, Kim K’s crystal inspired perfume line. Either way, I’m glad. All this healing magic deserves to be shared with the world.

Aside from being visually appealing, crystals have been used for thousands of years to restore balance to the mind,body and soul.

Consider these beautiful stones Mother Nature’s gift to us. There are so many different stones, with lots of properties and healing potential. In today’s world we are so lost in the sauce, that we stray further and further away from nature and its healing abilities.


Believing in the unlimited healing potential from a rock may seem a tad cray cray, but trust me -- crystals are very much conscious and consistently generating frequency.

So….how exactly do crystals work? The short!

At the most fundamental levels, everything on earth is compiled of energy. It just so happens that crystals and the cells in our body are made up of the same kind of energy! SCIENCE RULES!!! **Bill Nye Intro Voice** The energy from crystals are used in our everyday lives, from powering electronics, to added minerals for our pharmaceuticals. So for me, using these powerful stones for energetic healing naturally makes sense. Similar to magnets, when you use crystals over certain body parts, the energy within us naturally transforms, vibrates, and shifts in accordance with the properties of said crystal.

Cool right? I know.


First, let me say, the #majorkey to using crystals is your belief in them.

You can use the energy from crystals to heal everything from headaches, anxiety, stress, injuries, and more! The possibilities are endless with the right crystal. You can wear them, meditate with them, allow them to fill a certain room in your home with energy, etc.

Use the world wide web to figure out what stone works best for any specific problems you may be facing, weather physical, spiritual, or mental.


Not in this case. Lol! With crystals, it's all about the vibration! I have this super small amber stone that literally opened up my lungs after a spiritual attack where I felt like I couldn't take in a deep breath. I’ve had great experiences with tiny stones. It was the perfect size to put in my bra.

Giant stones are great for big spaces or to fill the energy of a room. Small stones are great for carrying on your body/everyday use. Whatever floats your boat.


Since crystals absorb, attract, and repel energy, it's super important to keep your crystals in good shape. Not physically, energetically. Once you find the perfect crystal for you, you’ll want to cleanse it of all the energy it absorbed on the way to you.

Before we put our crystals up on our shop, we give them a spiritual bath, say lots of nice things to them, pray they find happy homes, sage them, and drown them in some good ol’ agua de florida.

You can use any of these methods as well as other stones to absorb the negative energies your crystals may have encountered. Once you cleanse them how you see fit, you MUST align your energy with them. Simply hold them in your hand, set your intention, and thank them for the healing energy they will provide.

Easy, right?

Hope this was a good enough overview to get you started on your spiritual journey. There are thousands upon thousands of healing stones from all over the world and an enormous amount of healing power just waiting for you. Join us in the #crystalhive. lol! Head over to our store to find the perfect crystal for you. Happy Shopping!


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