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My Experience with Tarot:

Whenever I tell people I read Tarot for a living, “really?” is always the first response.

Ummm yes really….do you usually tell lies during small talk at Starbucks?

Comments like “I don’t want to know my future, you’ll probably tell me i'm going to die soon,” or “that stuff isn't real ..prove it” usually follows.  

  1. I’m just here to get coffee stranger, i'm not proving anything to you.

  2. I’m not the Grim Reaper, your death date wouldn't be revealed to me, even if i asked.

It’s like people hear the word Tarot and flashback to the scene from ‘Carmen: A Hip Hopera’ when Wyclef tells Beyonce she's going to die and then…..she dies.


Tarot being a scary tool with messages from the Grim Reaper is #fakenews.

Also, (something you'd never expect to hear from someone who makes a living telling people their future) YOU CREATE YOUR FUTURE. I know, I know, if you create your future why tf do you need me you ask? Well, consider yourself Apple Maps on your current route to your future and im like...Waze. I can tell you that you've taken a route with a few more accidents than you anticipated and how to avoid them, where to stop for that flat tire that set you back an hour, or maybe which way to go for a more scenic route. Ultimately, the route is yours to take, you can wake up and decide to go to a whole new destination.

Tarot is an incredibly beautiful form of divination and I encourage everyone to explore it. I don't say this because I want you to book a reading with me and contribute to my next Tory Burch shopping spree, I say this because its truly a life changing and eye opening experience. For me, it restored my faith in myself and most importantly my faith in God.

Soo… quick story on my first Tarot experience:

I was twenty-three and lost. Not sure if I was coming or going. I spent four months in Jamaica soul searching and wasn't sure if I should move there to work the family business or go back home to Miami and continue growing my Sports & Entertainment PR Firm, which for me, felt like a super slow route to success.

I was complaining to my bestie about my troubles and she asked me if I believed in psychics and suggested that I saw hers.  I was sort of "meh" about it all. She literally forced me to see her swearing she was the truth. She really fucking was.

As soon as I touched down to Miami I was headed to see my besties psychic. She opened up a whole new world for me. It's crazy to have a complete stranger flip cards and tell you your secrets, your dreams, your fears, and your life drama.

I knew that God was real in that moment.

God has to be real….this lady I dont know is talking to me about the things I talk to God about. I was sitting there with tears running down my face shocked that God listens to me. I left the reading knowing that I can make anything I want in my life happen with enough faith, purpose, and action. She also told me that I had a bit of the gift as well, and it would take me awhile to explore it. Five years later I purchased my first tarot deck, now here I am telling complete strangers messages from the other side.

For those that say Tarot is devil worshipping, or suggest that God frowns upon divination...ZZZzzzzZZZzzzz.

Personally, my tarot experience brought me closer to God. With each reading I give I stress the importance of faith in God (the universe, Allah, Angels, Buddah, whatever your source is) and prayer. God is constantly giving us messages. We are so busy living our everyday lives that we aren't in tune and open to receiving these messages. If you ask, you will receive. For me, thats what tarot is in its simplest form. You come to me seeking a message, I ask God what you need to know, and the cards tell me exactly what that is.

If you’re nervous about booking a reading or have any questions about tarot and would like to learn more, shoot me and email @

I’d be happy to help!



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